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Three Relatively Low Hurdles Left for MannKind
Sep 28 2013
Reviews both the challenges left for MannKind and our thoughts on the chances of each being overcome.
Telefonica - The Highest Dividend Yield of Any Large Cap. in the World
Jun 13 2011
Introduces Spain-based telecommunications services provider Telefonica and assesses its ability to continue paying what is probably the highest dividend yield of any large-cap company in the world.
A Final Assessment of MannKind Stock
Jan 20 2011
Reviews the FDA's latest response to MannKind's application to market AFREZZA and assesses its longer-term implications.
MannKind Investors Need to Plan Ahead for the FDA’s Decision
Jan 16 2011
Outlines several factors that investors and speculators need to be aware ahead of both an FDA decision and the expiration of January options.
A Worthwhile Long-Shot Bet on MannKind?
Jan 10 2011
Reviews the risks and potential rewards of betting on MannKind's January $9 call options.
MannKind's Make or Break Decision Delayed
Dec 28 2010
Reviews the implications of the roughly four-week delay in the FDA's ruling on MannKind's application to market an inhaled insulin product.
MannKind's Day of Reckoning is Rapidly Approaching
Dec 20 2010
A Food and Drug Administration decision that could come any day has the potential of moving MannKind stock dramatically. This article briefly reviews the nature of the decision and ways to participate in the outcome.
The Potential Fallout from Europe's Debt Crisis
May 26 2010
Reviews the bottom-line implications of Europe's debt-related problems on U.S.-based companies.
3DR's Covered Call Portfolio Clobbering the Stock Market
Feb 28 2010
Terra Industries to be Acquired by Yara Int'l.
Feb 28 2010
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