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Stocks, Options, and Special Situations **ACCEPTING NO NEW SUBSCRIBERS**

3DR is a subscriber-driven research publication that issues comprehensive, very specific investment recommendations.

This Is What 3DR Offers:

  1. One Stock Recommendation a month, supported by a roughly 20 page research report.
  2. One Event-Driven Special Situations Recommendation, supported by a five- to 10-page report.
  3. An actively managed Model Covered Call Portfolio that provides additional ideas for generating recurring income.


The Thesis For Our Current Stock Recommendation Is:

Our focus in the early years after the 2008 financial crisis was on the deeply depressed dividend-paying multinational blue chips. Given the firmer financial underpinnings that now prevail, we've expanded our universe in search of compelling investments.

Since inception on August 13, 2009 through January 30, 2012, 3DR's Model Covered Call Portfolio gained 34.7%, versus 34.6% and 29.7% for the Dow and the S&P 500 Index, respectively. We stopped writing calls two years ago, however, in response to surging equity prices. 

The overwhelming majority of our Event Driven Special Situation Recommendations have been profitable. Recent recommendations include Acadia Pharm., Arena Pharm., Halozyme, Keryx, MannKind, Prana Biotech., and Sarepta. Details are available upon request.


 Benefits of Subscribing

  • We cut through all the clutter and noise and highlight only the best investment opportunities.
  • We keep abreast of all relevant developments affecting your investments and tell you when we think it's time to exit a position.
  • Our recommendations are geared towards both building long-term wealth and generating current income.


Why Us?

  1. We have decades of experience on Wall Street, analyzing, picking, and managing stocks. Our track record and reputation can be verified by running a Google check.
  2. We provide specific recommendations, rather than inundate investors with so many choices that they tend to confuse more than inform.
  3. Unlike Wall Street analysts who make recommendations from only within their sector of expertise, our monthly picks are derived from a universe of 2,000 stocks.


sample subscribe
Executive Editor George Rho
Your November 20 report is incredible (as usual) and worth much, much more than my subscription price. I have read and reread the report and continue to find very valuable, useful information. Thank you.

- Mickey M, Investment Adviser

It's so nice owning high-quality stocks that don't give me sleepless nights. Thank you very much.

- Tom M., M.D.

Thank you Mr. Rho. I have made money following your recommendations.  As an experienced investor, I appreciate your research and ability to find solid value stocks.

- Karen G.

Dear Mr. Rho, thank you for your reply to my question. It clarified the criteria for choosing CC portfolio stocks. If you would like to use my previous email as a testimonial from a satisfied subscriber, you're welcome to do so.

- Karen G.

I appreciate your taking the time to give me your thoughts in response to my questions. I have structured my portfolio to allow for the covered options approach. Where I have used covered options on occasion I have now embraced your approach and written options on many of my stocks.

- Thomas F.

Mr. Rho, thank you for your openness regarding your recent lawsuit and its resolution. I also found the article you linked to regarding Value Line, its CEO, and current difficulties most illuminating. I am a current Value Line Select subscriber, but am very glad I have also subscribed to your service. Congratulations on making the move to founding your own company. Best of luck!

- James C., M.D.

George, your request to use my name and words on your website is a compliment that I thank you for. Whatever you feel will be helpful to you, please feel free to use. You have been most helpful to me and I would consider it an honor to be able to return the kindness.

- Mickey M, Investment Adviser

Your stock and special situation recommendations have been fantastic. I've also benefited greatly from our regular communications, becoming a much better investor. Thank you very much, and best wishes.

- Scott K.